Friday, 4 February 2011

Mediation Workshop at the IDRC

I was involved with a mediation workshop last week at the IDRC in Fleet Street. We
presented to an audience of about 18 people consisting of QC’s, solicitors, investment
advisers, parenting counsellors and journalists.

We ran the workshop as a ‘look inside the Mediation Room’ and effectively we showed
a ‘mock’ mediation from start to finish.

The response was fantastic and some of the comments that we received were ‘ illuminating,
exciting, fascinating, clear and simple explanation of how mediation works within families
separating and that it provides a road map for couples going through separation and gives
order to a person in chaos’.

Yet again it was so positive to be able to demonstrate to a wider audience that mediation
can really help couples to deal with the issues that arise on separation and divorce and how
it can really assist couples to deal with contact in relation to their children.

As ever we are not being evangelistic about mediation as it is not the correct route for all
couples but it can often play an important role in some of the decisions that need to be
taken. Further it emphasised the importance of working alongside the legal profession and
being able to provide a clear and focussed discussion.

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